Thursday, May 9, 2013



 Like dreams fly away
so does the morning May..

Like tears in painful eyes
 flowers bloom and die...

Like love vanishes, goes
so does the petals of a rose...

Like beauty in a woman's face
washes away after nightfall age...

Like the fall of a dry leave
blows away in the Autumn breeze...

Like all we believe is true
One day I know I will lose you~
written with my heart~
Lynda Ferrer

Monday, May 6, 2013

Nature goddess

Morning muse~Poem May /2013

Nature goddess

I wander through passageways of life
through hopes and passions
 crystal doors of illusions~

I vision the solitary bird
who sleeps unbalanced on a branch
waiting her companion's romance

My heart celebrates the flowers in a tree
and birds that lovely sing
 early mornings in Spring

The hills and sunny leaves
that glitter the bushy trees
in cotton beds that spread
tipping skies of scarlet red

Horizons of beauty afar
which animate my heart
as my soul soothes its scars
in the land baptized precious, God~
©LF 2013 RR