Thursday, October 30, 2014

I will

Will you be my shadow when I’m weak
Will you be my dream when I weep
Will you cheer my heart when it sleeps
forevermore in eternal dreams

Will you cry for me when I’m gone
Will you sing a song to make me calm
Will you hold my heart alive
in crystal dreams  to strive

I’d be in your dreams eternally
be the shadow at you side
cheer your heart when it sleeps
in eternity alive

I’d cry for you when your gone
sing you the best song
Hold your heart alive
In crystal dreams to strive..
By Author poem & photo Lynda Ferrer/2014

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

I Met My Love At the Ocean

His eyes were blue as the ocean.
 swam by my side like a merman
 The salted water shone his like satin.
The sun stroked his hair with gold streaks.
He stopped and glanced at me,
And said “you are my princess”, I smiled.

Since then I went to the sea daily,
waiting to see him again,
his image in my mind ,
his words engraved in my heart.

Never saw him again .
Was it my imagination?
Was he a merman or was it the sea,
Observing and talking to me?
Or was the mermaid me?