Friday, August 21, 2015

The Speech of Vengeance

The Speech of Vengeance

Oh thy shall not know the misery of my heart
my sanity was disturbed
many years ago
when a young gentleman
made a promise
of love with a rose
in hand

He kissed my hand
an exchange of eternal love
knelt down
into my honesty
I believed in his sincerity
in his eyes
in his words

How shall now that be a blasphemy
all such unfair
such deception full of cruelty
now poison which
 suicide now concludes
in this fair maiden
woman of truth
lady of care

I shall not now believe
in anyone anymore
but he worst
shall not be trusted
shall be in ruins
in this mortal world
of suspicious beings
where life will deliver
his punishment

Monday, August 17, 2015

Pretends (song)



He pretends that loves not for keeps
cause he's always pretending
He's not the man of my dreams
roaming  love on lonely streets

If he'd only believe this the day
where lonely hearts join to stay
Another day another way
not searching love in another place

He has no right
to destroy my only dreams
running away today
as I scream

It was wrong that I let you go
did you ever know 
did it show
Yes you knew
 my heart is forever true

Now I look alone
the nights arrive
you're not here
my love dies
in departed tides
as you wander
in different tears....
LF /RR/2015

Sunday, August 16, 2015

We Can

We Can
We can dance in the rain
as we love like we should
we can walk above clouds
like no one else could

We can kiss with the moon
and the sun each afternoon
reaching the horizon
where sunflowers bloom

We can sail in our hearts
exactly where love starts
and anchor in our souls
to warm the cold

We can sleep ocean deep
where the lonely keep
the treasures they love
more than all above..