Monday, December 30, 2013

Musical Muse ~Ask

 Ask the wind
If he’s seen me again
Hugging  hearts
Knowing it’s the end

Ask the moon
How I spend my hours
Searching for you
Covered with red flowers.

Ask the shore
If I visit once more
Where we met
Our oars ashore

Ask my heart
When can I start
To live once more
When love is apart

Ask me my love
how I really care
When all is dark
And your not there anywhere.

New Muse (pain) Soul Speech

Oh my lonesome soul
Where thy travel tonight
You shall know I was born
with ecstasy of sunlight skies…

Oh my lonesome soul
The thirst of lost love
Has invaded
Shadow in my heart

Oh my lonesome soul
May I speak of the love
I cherish
With care

Oh lonesome soul
born in starlight skies
dwell  on my lonely despair
  heart of brick

Oh my lonesome soul
Bring forth the courage
Of the one suffering
Whom loses faith in thee…
©Lynda Ferrer/2013/RR

Friday, December 27, 2013

Mermaid Muse (New)

A mermaid
Quietly swims
Her mind full of pleasure
Of the beautiful world she sees
Peace silence and beauty surrounds her
Such a lovely place to be

She wanders how’s the world above
Should she visit it
To discover its beauty
Every time she reaches above
She observes the beauty it provides
In her orange eyes
But fears to reach the shore

She tries to be brave
And discover
What’s in the above world

At last one day she swims to the shore
Jumps out the water
Lays in the sand

Fishermen discover her
Take her away
She is never seen again.
Lynda Ferrer/CR/2013

Sunday, December 22, 2013

Will You Love her

Ode to the old

Will you love her when she's old
when her hair is white as snow
her face loses daytime glow

Will you love when she can't walk
in a bed and can't talk

Will you love her
when she can't hear
understand all is fear

Will you love her
when she cries
through her pain
on her side

Will you still love her
when she dies
visit her tomb
where her rests lie

Will you keep her memory alive???

Will you love her forever more??

Will you love her…………..

By Lynda Ferrer/cr/2013


I loved you among a morning flower
Loved you among the rain that falls
Love you among a willow floating
Love you among my heart that cries

Love you among birds that sing
among the hills and the trees
Love you among my heartless nights
dipped in sorrow as it spills…

Loved you among the inspired verses
When I fly in spiritual realms
Loved you among the highest loves
This love of mine will never die.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Saturday, December 21, 2013

How I Missed You

Musical Muse

How I missed
when you went away
people say
you weren't happy

As days go by
I wonder why
your love makes me
still survive

You never took the time
to be with me
the reason
I'm so lonely

I was the one
who gave it all
and you were the one
who let it fall.

I never will believe you
cause all is down hillside
I was the only one who loved
while you let love pass by.
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Friday, December 20, 2013

Musical Muse~Never Let Love Go

Never let love go
Love is sacred you know
when love is true
it stays deep in you..

Never let love go
Cause strong love holds
its heart inside stays bold
when the world turns cold.

Never let love go
cause it wont return
if it escapes
its a losing game..

Never let love go
if you truly believe
keep it secure
its a lovers need...
BY Lynda Ferrer CR/2013

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Love Me like the Sea

Love me like the sea
who bathes the ocean shore
Love me more than thee
I love you much more

Like the sea arises
over the ocean floor
Grasping the beauty
Of its love one in allure

Dance like the waves
with the shore together more
skipping with tender legs
of the breeze at the shore

Love me like the sun shines
on the sea reflection
just like the moon
with waters in connection

Love me like the sea
Who meets the horizon line
Eternally loved design
Forever please love me
©Lynda Ferrer/2013
photo by Lynda Ferrer

Friday, December 13, 2013

Red Ink

I wrote a letter today
Better than yesterday
Expressing my love to you
In the best way I knew

Written in red
All that was said
as the pain in my heart
dripped in red ink

Color of my heart
red ink so dark
color of the rose
I gave to you

Color of my tears
The blood that smears
From my soul
On the imprint of my heart

Lips red too
The letter so blue
But red Ink knew
How much I love you.
©Author Lynda Ferrer/All Rights Reserved/2013

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Rose in the Snow

A flower is born
Under a snowy morn
Its petals froze
Was a lovely rose

Covered in white
All night
Shone like a star
Escaping afar

Seem to survive
The frozen cold nights
Stood alone
Turned stone

She only knew
That life is blue
But if your strong
You’ll make it through..

People visited where the rose
Stood alone
Chatting how
The rose kept its home…
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Tears of Love

If humanity would know
How a woman suffers
In pain the cause a foe
when her heart is broken
suffering the lost token
of a loved one that goes….

The tears  spilled by a woman
whose tears never dry
After she loses
The love of her life..

All her life waiting
For that love to come
Then all vanishes
 like the sun…

The magic of dreams
Poured in lost streams
Never to return
Which turns and turns

The romance leaves
Like the leaves from a tree
Like flowers who dry
In Autumn fields

The sorrow prolongs
all her life long
of a heart that never mends
and love that eternally ends.
©lynda ferrer/RR/2013

Monday, November 25, 2013

The End

 When all love dies
and there’s nothing left
Except deception and cruelty

When we not have more the power to sing

When our faith dies drowning in dry rivers
and our hearts no longer feel

When earth cries from devastation in wars of
pain and children sigh

When only one flower survives in deserted grounds

When all means nothing and illusions fail

When our souls lose integrity and union

When all that is genuine is false

We will mourn to live the world we once had
and lost……

Saturday, November 23, 2013

EBook ~ My Poetry Book ~ Shipwrecked Memories (Destruction of People Who Believe in Love)

Poetry Book ~Shipwrecked Memories (Destruction of People Who Fall in Love)

Link to my poetry book Shipwrecked Memories

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Tormented Times

I will never end to love you
I will never die
As long as your love
Keeps me alive

In dark shadows of hope
Lies a love that shines through
Stronger than the ocean blue
when I’m with you

I don’t have the heart that sparks
Through rain and storms
Unless you’re here in the dark
When all my dreams start

It seems this time
That love will survive
Love thats covered with fur
Is soft in touch in hazy skies

So as we travel along
We can get through to heaven
One more time
In tormented times
©Lynda Ferrer/2013

Tuesday, November 12, 2013


When the light gets bright
and the night is here
The walls will speak
The speech of past years

Years that flew away
With pains today forgotten
New pains arrive each day
will engrave for the future ways

We will too be forgotten then
By all our loves ,all our friends
All we wanted and cared
But no one will here, there…

We will then not exist
Or anyone will remember
What we did
How we loved
What we missed
How all ended…..
©Lynda Ferrer/2013?RR

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

When all seems so clear

 All clear now
Wasn’t love on my path
Old pages yellowed by time
Turning passing by, dry flowers mark
 words that never had any value

The time either
Appreciation a dungeon
As I turn each page
I see they’re blank
Words erased
Feelings none

A speechless actor
 his play
with wordless drama

He tries to
Create a speech
Pages are blank
So his mind
Scattered loss
life drama
 blank pages …
dry rose marker.
All left

Saturday, October 26, 2013


Am I the queen of your dreams
who converts sentiments  to love
the one you’ve been searching for
Every moment in life

Do you have me in your heart
Am I the illusion of your starry nights
The woman who shares your moonlight
Have I been the one for you

Do you miss my face, my words
Am I beautiful  on rainy days
Do you call out my name
When nights are dull

Am I the queen, your inspiration
Your only love, your emotion
Your poetry ,your song
In willow days of grief

Am I the queen who dances
In your heart ,your hand in mine
Holding each other
In timeless dreams
I will surrender my heart
©LyndaFerrer/2013 Rights Reserved