Saturday, July 15, 2017

Woman of sand

 I became sand
 woman of sand not  man
body and my heart
All fell down..
Little by little the wind
blew each grain
dissolving me
Into nothing to be
The particles scattered
departing the sand
 no one was there
To hold my hand
So me my heart
And I
Dissolved high in the sky
leaving me never to be
Only the wind
Whispered my return
 as it followed me
the  lonely sun burned
By© Lynda Ferrer RR/2014 /published poem /2016

Tuesday, July 11, 2017


Why does a flower grow without rain
a abandoned dog in pain
an elder no company a shame
a child in war no peace
where people live then die
does any hear their cry

Why is life so unfair
to those who choose suicide
ignoring whose at their side
emotions all untied

Why the homeless in the streets
no one there to meet
drugs the consolation
their love and melody

The world a sad condition
where ignorance is the light
a blind conditioned sight
the world turning not right