Saturday, September 13, 2014


Sometimes Summer is so amazing
the sun rays dawn the trees and flowers
with rainbow hues

Sometimes Autumn is so colorful
the leaves fall from the trees
forming bed sheets of orange

Sometimes Spring is so beautiful
flowers bloom everywhere
odors fill the air

Sometimes Winter is so pure
snow falls covering the earth
with white blankets

Nature fills my soul with joy\By LF /2014/RR

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Last Verses

New Poem inspired by Neruda's poem

Could these be the last verses I write tonight
verses of the love I felt for you
You’ve forgotten me
so why must I remember you

I still hold the memories
of the nights
We watched the moon

I could have waited but did you
My heart felt the pain
as you left that day
without an answer

The skies seem the same
I still wait under the blanket
of this land
The same land we walked together

I know if I lose my inspiration
It will never return in the same way
So will these be my last verses to you
are will I continue ...
Author LyndaFerrer/2014 RR